Sunday, June 26, 2005

Keep your wolf on a leash!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOLF SHOT IN STERLING MAY HAVE BEEN CAPTIVE ANIMALThe 99-pound canine shot by an upstate man last month has been identified as a wolf, but a pathologist says it probably was once in captivity.John Yuhas awoke April 12th to find the wolf attacking and killing his dog in the town of Sterling, about 32 miles northwest of Syracuse. Wolves were thought to have been exterminated from the wilds of New York State a century ago.After examining the carcass, state wildlife pathologist Ward Stone tells the Syracuse Post-Standard said it was a wolf, though DNA samples will be tested to confirm that. It also had heartworms and was a little chubby.Says Stone, "It appears to have had recent experience with captivity." (Associated Press)


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